Native American Style Flutes for Sound Healing


Handcrafted flutes designed for sound healing

Singh flutes are handmade Native American Style 6-hole Flutes tuned to the minor pentatonic scale in the frequency of 432Hz, the harmonic intonation of nature. The fundamental note of each flute is in a key to vibrate a particular chakra. Whether you are playing for others or yourself, listening to 432Hz music resonates inside the body, releasing emotional blockages, and expanding consciousness.

The Native American Style Flute is an excellent instrument for all. If you are a yoga teacher it is a great instrument to incorporate into your classes. It’s a very intuitive instrument to play, no musical background is necessary. To play well takes time, but to start getting sound and creating melodies is easy and can be done immediately. There are many Native American Style Flute websites and YouTube videos to help you along your flute playing journey.

Since each flute is handmade they are all different. Upon request of a particular key, we can email you photos and a sound file so that you can hear the exact flute you will purchase. Flutes can also be custom made to your design. Contact Singh Flutes and let us know which flute you are interested in. If you don’t know, contact us and we can help you decide. Flutes are shipped internationally.